A Great Life
by James Lee


by James Lee

Lee writes about the valuable life lessons he's learned through competitive basketball.

Lee was born in Lexington, Kentucky and although he had many offers to play college basketball, he chose the University of Kentucky Wildcats.

He is a high school graduate of Henry Clay High School in Lexington.

He was raised by a father, who was a minister and a mother who was a homemaker.  He points to his upbringing as the foundation for his ability to win in dignity and with pride.

"I'm so glad Coach Hall (the legendary Coach Joe B. Hall) recognized and respected my parents and my background in his approach to coaching me", says Lee.

Coach Hall contributed to the book, A Great Life.

If you've got 'game', read this book.

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" I've had a great life.  Awesome parents, extraordinary college years, lifelong friends and chocolate cake.  I couldn't dream a better life."

                                                                       James Lee




A Great Life by James Lee, with contribution from legendary Coach Joe B. Hall



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A Great Life by James Lee

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